Party Tips

  • Send invitation out at least 2-3 weeks ahead of the party to give people time to make plans.
  • Can’t find the right centerpiece? Use the Birthday cake! It always fits the occasion.
  • Use paper lanterns in your decor. They add a sophisticated look and are always fun.
  • Planning a party and don’t know how much tableware to get? Get 1 1/2 to 2 cups,plates and napkins per person. People put their drinks down and forget which is theirs, so they take another one. It’s always good to have too many and not run out.
  • Get a balloon for each child at the party to take home as a favor. Don’t forget a weight for each balloon so it’s doesn’t get away. You don’t want any unhappy children.
  • If not sure what theme to pick for your adult party? Send one person a pirate invite, another person a Luau invite, etc. Then watch the fun when they show up dressed in the different costumes.
  • Kids party. Have lots of activities to keep them busy. Pin the tail on the donkey, Pinatas, toss the bean bag. Don’t forget the prizes and ribbons for the winners. And the candy and toys for the pinata.
  • If you’re having an indoor or outdoor party, the food needs to be kept at the right temperature. Use a small child swimming pool filled with ice to keep all your salads or drinks cold. Use chaffing dishes for your hot foods.